How do I know if I can benefit from medical billing?

You are probably already offering many services that can be billed to a patient's medical insurance. Medical billing gives patients a new payment option they have never had before, allowing them to say "yes" to your treatment plans. Our payment system is structured where you will always come out ahead, thereby making this one of the smartest business decisions you could make for your practice. Our services pay for themselves and help increase both your treatment plan acceptance rates as well as reimbursement rates. 

Do we have to download any software?

Nope! There is no complicated software to download, and no IT guys popping into your office. We work with your current software system and have a personal Account Manager for you to work with who is able to answer any questions you have throughout the day via text, phone, or email. 

How do I send you my claims?

For medical billing, you can email or fax us a copy. For dental billing, we use Splashtop- HIPPA compliant- to access patient information as needed. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not require contracts and our services are offered on a month to month basis. 

We've been thinking of purchasing a CBCT machine- can medical billing help with this?

A CBCT machine is a medical device, so all CT scans can and should be billed to the patient's medical insurance. Visit our medical billing page for more information. 

What can you bill to medical insurance?

Everything! Commonly covered services include extractions, bone grafts, CT scans, implants, exams, oral surgery, oral appliances for TMD therapy and sleep apnea devices. 

Can you just help get my over 90 to 0?

Yes! We offer a Clean Up Service specifically for this. Visit our dental billing page for more information. 

Will I have to fire a team member to use Surety's services?

Absolutely not! Our goal is to work with your current team. Many times, front office managers and insurance coordinators are overwhelmed with the amount of work and are grateful for help in this area. By using Surety, you can relocate team members in-house to focus on more personalized patient care and presenting treatment plans. If there is a job opening, most offices find it much cheaper to use our services than the cost of hiring a new employee. With higher collections being received as well, our services typically pay for themselves with the additional money coming in.