31 Mar

Got the quarantine crazies? Believe us, we get it! The kids are stir crazy, you’re stir crazy, even the dogs are stir crazy. I’ve been trying to focus on the positive side of this and finding the silver lining. Remember when we used to pray for three day weekends, or extra time to knock out that project, read that book you keep putting off, or make that meal for your family that seems too much for busy weeknights? While we do have *much* more time at home than we were wishing for, try to use this time to check some of those items off your list! When things are back in full swing again, (and they will be), you will look back on this time and be grateful. Check out this list of activities if you need some ideas for you and the whole family!

  1. Take the dog for a walk

  2. Bake banana bread

  3. Do a puzzle

  4. Plant a garden

  5. Play “fetch” with the dog

  6. Paint your nails 

  7. Find some Pinterest recipes and try them out 

  8. Wash your make up brushes

  9. Clean out your car

  10. Organize the junk drawer

  11. Read a book/magazine

  12. Listen to a podcast

  13. Landscape with some flowers, bushes, etc

  14. Download an app or search for an online course to learn a new language

  15. Facetime friends and relatives

  16. Make a tik tok video 

  17. Work out! If you are stuck making up home workouts, you can YouTube anything- 30 min booty and ab workout, 40 minute leg workout, 20 min full body workout… the options are endless!

  18. Do an Easter egg hunt with the kids

  19. Find all the broken crayons, place in muffin tins, and melt in the oven to make giant rainbow crayons 

  20. Google how to make “slime”

  21. Clean the baseboards

  22. Rearrange the furniture

  23. Build a fort

  24. Bathe the pets

  25. Clean out and wash your car

  26. Clean and organize your purse

  27. Make a scrapbook

  28. Find a Pinterest craft

  29. Play Go Fish (or any other card game)

  30. Have a virtual dinner party and FaceTime your friends while you eat

  31. Journal 

  32. Google an online yoga/pilates class, put your headphones in and take some time for yourself 

  33. Organize the pantry/closets

  34. Water the plants

  35. Meditate

  36. Clean out your closet and donate clothes you don’t wear anymore

  37. Sweep off the porch

  38. Work on an outdoor living space for the summer

  39. Dye Easter eggs

  40. Bake a pie

  41. Make homemade granola 

  42. Paint a room in the house 

by: Katey McClenny 

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