26 Jul

The “S” word- social media. To some of us, it’s something we enjoy, are pretty good at, and comes easily. But to a vast number of people, it sends shivers down the spine. It’s true that it can be a love hate relationship. Like anything there are pros and cons, and it’s all in how you use it.

To get quickly to the point and address the question “Do I really need social media for my dental practice or business?” the answer is, yes.

Think of social media like eating your veggies. You’re probably not going to die without it, but you sure are going to be a whole lot healthier with it. It’s not always fun, but it is extremely beneficial to growing your business.

Okay, so why?

There are many benefits to growing a social media presence. From a marketing standpoint, social media interaction and engagement contributes to your website SEO- search engine optimization. This means that Google is going to rank your site higher if you are involved in social media. And we all want that first page on Google, am I right?

Building your social media is also free advertising. You can post whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Social media is your chance to tell your story and directly connect to your audience. A good social media presence will communicate a message to the consumer that you are excellent in your field and you can be trusted with their dental needs.

Another reason to use social media is to get reviews! Facebook reviews are a common place people check before they decide to visit your practice. If you already have a Facebook account, ask your current patients to leave reviews on your Facebook page, and consider offering an incentive for doing so.

Now let’s think of social media through the eyes of the consumer. Say you just moved to a new town, or you’re needing a new service. Would you be more likely to choose an office with no Facebook or Instagram page, or a practice that utilizes these platforms to share pictures of the building so you know where you’re going, friendly pictures of the team with captions so you know who you will be seeing before you ever go, and informative posts about some of the procedures they offer?

All in all, social media builds connection and trust with your patients. It serves as an educational tool and can be a fun way to engage and communicate your story. So get out those phones and fire up those cameras and get to posting!

By: Katey McClenny

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