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Dental and Medical Billing for Dental Practices

Dental Billing

As dental professionals, we understand how time consuming and challenging it can be to keep insurance filing and collections current. If you are having trouble training and managing employees, filing and collecting all insurance payments in a timely manner, and making sure EOB's are posted quickly and accurately to your patient's ledgers, Surety Dental Solutions can help you.

We will increase collections while the doctors are able to devote more time to dental work and the front office team can focus on giving patients more personalized attention, thereby greatly increasing your patient’s acceptance of treatment plans you initiate.

What our specialists will do for you:

-File all primary and secondary claims daily using your current electronic filing system.
-Review all claims and send with the appropriate attachments and documentation cutting down on claims that are denied and preventing delays in payments.
-File and follow up on all appeals for you when appropriate.
-Post all EOB's and adjustments to patient ledgers within 24 hours of being scanned into the system by your office.
-Discover procedures that were missed as an oversight or family files that are incomplete resulting in denied claims.

We are ready to partner with you to help alleviate your stress and overhead expenses while watching your collections soar.
Dental Billing

Medical Billing

Did you know….many common dental procedures can be billed to a patient’s medical insurance? This will increase your reimbursement fees while saving the patient’s dental benefits for other procedures. In most cases, the general dental office with a busy team does not have the time and resources available to file effectively and get maximum payment for services. Let us help you!

Services that are commonly covered by a patient’s medical insurance are CT scans, extractions, bone grafts, implants, exams, oral surgery, oral appliances for TMD therapy and sleep apnea devices.

However, medical insurance is completely different from dental insurance; getting payment is very time consuming and not a simple task. Medical billing is complex and requires proper prior authorization and diagnosis coding to ensure payment.

Our medical billing experts are highly trained and motivated to collect all medical dollars due to you and your patients. Please email us today to schedule a phone consult with one of our team members.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Medical Billing


I strongly recommend Surety Dental Solutions to take over your dental insurance billing and followup. I was amazed at how smoothly the transition was in turning our dental billing over to them. Even more amazing was the thoroughness of insurance followup and attention to aging claims that plagued us. Amazingly, within three short months, my accounts receivable was actually down to normal levels for 30, 60, and even 90+ days for the first time in my career. For once I found someone who could deliver. Best of all we enjoyed a windfall of money from backed up/aged claims. I highly recommend this company!"

Lauren L. Timmons, DMDDentist


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